Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Better Day

My mom got me some new shoes which of course doesn't fix the problem but they sure are cute! They are really a dark red and not so pink looking but my camera decided to make them look pink.

I did find out today that there will be much more pink in this ultrasound today says we're having a girl! I was thrilled! And then my next thought:
What on earth will I do with a girl?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Terrible Day

Really terrible. So terrible I really should be crying but when I'm pregnant I'd much rather cry about things that are irrational and petty. Big things, like what happened today, don't make me cry. They make me clean. I clean every corner, drawer, cupboard, and hiding place with much anger and frustration. And when I'm done I don't feel any better but I have a sparkly home to sit in so there is a little consolation in that.

Chad has been having some troubles with his health again. We decided to visit some local doctors first before making the trek to Mayo clinic. We talked to his doctor out there first and he made suggestions for what tests to request, etc. Here is what is frustrating- as soon as Chad says "I have MEN-1" you can see the new doctor's eyes light up and the two worst possible things he can say are "Fascinating!" (or "Interesting!" is popular as well) followed by "You're the first case I've seen!" Those statements are not a good sign.

Thursday we saw one set of doctors. Friday we saw a completely different set at the same hospital who had no record of the fact that we had been there the day before and they essentially asked all the same questions and ran all the same tests (our insurance company will be so happy). Today we saw another set of doctors- 2 specialists and 2 surgeons who poked and prodded and generally messed with Chad for over an hour. The diagnosis of EVERY SINGLE DOCTOR over the past week? "Here! Have some more pills! Call us in a week, or a month, or never and take these pills that make you feel worse forever!" So frustrating.

In the end Chad has an early morning appointment in Minnesota on Monday. His doctors out there are equally disappointed with the diagnosis (or lack of it) from the specialists over here. It feels good to know we have doctors who care and are ready to help.

In the meantime my house is going to "shine like the top of the Chrysler building." 100 points for anyone that can tell me what movie that's from.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday afternoon...

We are all sleepy and bored and sick of the TV. Today we all huddled in the kitchen, Chad and I drinking coffee, and the boys coloring. Henry is at the color-the-walls stage so he can't be left alone with crayons. I HATE to draw. And color. And do any kind of art whatsoever. And I'm a grumpy mom about it, too. I won't help or trace or anything. I'll watch but that's it. I try to tell myself it will teach them responsibility and enable them to do things for themselves but really it's because I truly HATE to draw.
But, as seen by today's drawings, they don't need my help anyway.

Charlie, age 5 (no help)
Henry, 23 months (he has informed me it's "Bob", "Spiderman", and "pretty")

I'm hoping they really develop their crafts and can one day redesign my house. How cool would that be?

Friday, January 25, 2008

I broke the law

If they arrest me my defense will be that I'm pregnant. My brain does not work effectively while I'm pregnant.

I went in to work for half a day today and left in time to pick up Charlie from school. I had a few minutes to spare so I decided to fill up the van, get some milk, and get some half and half for snow ice cream (there has to be something good about two fresh feet of snow). I filled up, went inside, purchased my stuff, and left. I made it to school with two minutes before Charlie got dismissed. While I waited I read over my receipt to see how many points I'd earned for my purchases. Next to "fuel" on my receipt it said "0." That was weird....I should have earned some points.

And then it hit me- I paid for my purchases but not my gas! I was a 'drive-off'! I'd seen the signs on the pumps that say "Drive offs will be prosecuted." Prosecuted! I can' t go to jail! I quickly picked up my cell phone and had my husband call the gas station and tell them I'd be right there.

I told Charlie we needed to go back and pay and he said, "Mom! Are the police after you?"

The police aren't after me, the attendant was very polite and understanding and even admitted he'd done that once himself.

So much for thinking I had my act together.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm changing my name

I think "The Sporadic Blogger" is more fitting, don't you? Without focusing on what a terrible blogger I am I will instead focus on my plethora of excuses...

1) Finally after years of hoping I am at last a work-at-home mom! We came to a crossroads over Christmas break and it was decision making time. There was a small window open where I could make the jump from 3 full days in the office to a few hours a day at home so I took it! Three weeks are under my belt and so far it's going well! Each week gets a little easier and a few more kinks are worked out. It helps that I have a sitter come over so I have solid blocks of working time (nap times are never a guarantee in this house!).

2) The snow days are killing me. I live in Michigan and I love the winter. I even love snuggling under the covers in the morning with great anticipation reading all the school closings and hoping ours is on the list. Why? I must, in those early morning hours, have visions of board games, hot cocoa, and being warm and toasty inside. Instead there are cries of boredom, cries of hair pulling (do boys normally do that???) and cries of "I want to play outside!!" (and when the wind chill is below zero the answer is a most definite no).

3) I've got a whole new routine with this WAHM thing. I have to plan ahead and make schedules and lists and menus and take out the meat to thaw, etc., etc., .... I'm a fairly lazy person (I like to say laid-back) so I tend to never plan. Ever. This month we've all had regularly scheduled doctor, eye doctor, dentist, and OB appointments. How those all fell in the same month is a testament to my non-planning lifestyle. I have a mess of New Year's resolutions to fix this problem. However, it's now January 23 and I don't have a planner yet. Just sheets of scrap paper. I'm off to a great start.

4) I've started teaching a budget class for one hour every Tuesday night (it's during the bedtime routine that night so Chad takes over and they have 'boys night'). I love it! It's at a local ministry that helps people get out of debt and get ahead. It's been great fun and my class is teaching me so much. Most importantly- EVERYONE has a story. Never assume you know someone else's life. You don't.

5) So, hopefully my resolution to actually blog will work out. I have big plans and lots to blog about. If I could just find the scrap paper where I wrote it all down...