Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Confession: I hate my IPOD

We've had our IPOD for a year and a half and it has 7 songs it. I love the songs we picked but really 7 isn't very many- go ahead and hit "shuffle" and you still hear the same songs over and over. I'm pretty sure I put those on in one day and have never put any other songs on it. Because I hate it.

It's not the IPOD itself that I hate. It's one of the tiny shuffle ones and it's pretty handy with it's little clip that I can stick on my clothes. Actually getting those songs onto the IPOD gives me a headache. People are always raving about how easy and user friendly apple products are. I'm beginning to think they say that just to make people like me feel stupid.

The other night I decided I would download some podcasts. There are some radio shows that come on while I'm at work and I'd love to listen to them whenever I feel like it. I went to itunes and picked out my podcasts. They downloaded into my library and I thought "Hey, this is really easy." Then I tried to get them from my library onto the actual IPOD. I didn't just try, I read the directions, I googled more directions, and TWO HOURS later I still don't have the podcasts.

Here's my idea...there should be a button that says "Load" or something simple like that. Push the button and there you go. IS there a button like that? Am I missing something? I really, really, really want to put some stuff on there. Can anyone help me?

Friday, September 26, 2008

My 100th Post

Man! I totally missed the 100th post! This is 102...in blogland I'm supposed to type 100 things about me once I reach post number 100. I promise you there are nowhere near 100 things that are even remotely interesting about me. Let's shoot for 25 shall we? (Ugh, I've read over my list and I'm warning you it's completely random. I was hoping for some form of order. Oh, well.)

1. I had a doll named "Doll-y" and one named "Doll-y Sister". I was very imaginative child.
2. I stepped on a piece of glass when I was seven and had to get stitches in my foot without some form of numbing medicine so I screamed the entire time and made my dad pass out.
3. I love run on sentences.
4. And sarcasm (which is a shame because I use it inappropriately too often).
5. Once I saw Joey Lawrence in Target while vacationing in Florida- it was disappointing.
6. President Bush drove through our town in 2004 and he waved to me- that was awesome.
7. My favorite book is "Bridge to Terabithia" and I didn't see the movie because I knew it wouldn't be as good.
8. I have a huge phobia of holes (especially when they are somewhere they shouldn't be-like a wound or something which is an entire post in and of itself).
9. I used to have my scuba diving license but now I also have a phobia of deep water. For some reason I think I might drown.
10. I never win ANYTHING except for one summer at the library I won a "guess how many gummy fish are in the jar" contest. I won the fish- gross.
11. I've destroyed all pictures of me taken in 7th grade...except for the ones my friend Heidi has (but I will find those, too!).
12. I loved summer camp so much as a kid that I went every summer until college, then worked at one until I got married, and then lived at one for four more years. It was liking being a kid until I was in my mid 20's.
13. My mom told me I was going to marry Chad before I even met him.
14. I can watch 7th Heaven reruns over and over (which makes everyone in this house crazy).
15. The smell of lavender makes me gag.
16. I can never get enough of vanilla (or coffee).
17. I love cold weather.
18. I love everything about Michigan except for humidity and mosquitoes.
19. I used to love doing laundry but with three kids it is my nemesis.
20. My mattress is so awesome that every night I tell my bed "Oh, bed, I love you." Seriously.
21. Peas are my favorite.
22. I worked at a hardware store the first year we were married and for a short period of time I knew some things my husband didn't.
23. My children are born with awesome hair. It's a good trade for the wicked heartburn I endure while I'm pregnant.
24. I had five booklights in my nightstand but the boys have stolen/hid/broken them all.
25. I'm really good at getting the string back in a sweatshirt hood or the waistband of wind pants when a kid yanks it out (lots of practice!)

Aren't you so glad I stopped at 25? That took FOREVER.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I still have no pictures...

I know. Actually, I really wish I could post a video somehow of Elisabeth in her bouncy seat. Although I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who would find it interesting. She is a professional bouncer, I say. She sits really still and stares at her toys and then goes CRAZY kicking and swinging until her toys are flying all over. She gets the biggest grin on her face like "Hey! Look what I can do!" See? Soooo interesting.

I'm desperately searching for a good book to read. I had a "to read" pile on my nightstand but none of them were that great. I don't have loads of time to read so if it doesn't grab my attention pretty much on the first page (or at least the first few chapters) I don't stick with it. I'm not looking for much- something interesting, exciting, life altering, but not with lots of big words...how's that for high expectations? When Charlie was a baby until he was about two I averaged four books per week. Now I'm reading one a year. I'm truly BORED with most of the books I've started. I'm open to suggestions! Just no big words!

Speaking of books...my boys are big time bookworms. They go to bed reasonably well at night because we let them take books to bed- one for each year. Charlie gets 6 and Henry gets 2. For awhile Henry would flip out because Charlie had more books than he did. Lately he hasn't said much. As I was making his bed this morning I found around 15 books under his pillow and down towards the bottom of his blankets. Two lessons here- 1) He's clever enough to know he's got to hide his books so there are more to read and 2) I'm too lazy to make his bed and therefore his stores of books has had plenty of time to grow.

At least he reads.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I should be fired

Good thing blogging isn't my day job.

Elisabeth is now a little over 2 months old and so far we are all still alive. Henry now affectionately calls her "E-Wizzy-Biff". And it looks like he'll let us keep her. I've taken a million pictures of her but I've yet to develop any. Poor, poor, third baby.

I turned 30 shortly after her birth so now I'm officially old. I LIKE being thirty. It makes me feel like I'm finally an adult! Although my body is totally acting like it's 30 and this baby weight is hanging on for dear life. My solution? I'm training for a 5k. And by "training" I mean lightly jogging/mostly walking then collapsing on my living room floor and eating ice cream. So far so good.

Going from two kids to three has been an adjustment. Mostly I see it when one of them is missing. If just one is not home or I go somewhere and only take two I feel like "Woohoo! Vacation!" How sad is that? When Charlie is at school all day Henry and I have tons of bonding time. He is awesome. The other day he told me he loved me a whole bunch of times. But because he is a boy and a brute he tried to tackle me every time he said it. We are always looking for new ways to beat on each other, apparently.

One thing I'm doing differently this time around is I wear Elisabeth in a sling. A lot. Pretty much all the time. She loves it in there and it keeps my hands free to do other things like reach out and yank one of the big boys off the top off the tv cabinet.

Charlie is off to first grade and I'm super excited that he's so big and freaking out that he's so big. I love milestones and hate them all at the same time. The days I walk him to school it rips my heart out to watch him walk in the doors. I smile and wave and act like it's just another day when in reality it's one more day behind us which means one less day he's my little boy. Sigh.