Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Charlie's Plan

Attempt #1

Charlie: Mom, my forehead really hurts. (hand on head with really pathetic expression)

Me: Do you think some headache medicine will make it better?

Charlie: No, but I really think some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream will work.

Attempt #2

Charlie: (as he looks at his dinner) No, thank you. I would rather have some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Sheesh. He got some for dessert.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The New Babysitter

I work three days a week and have a babysitter for two of those days. My sister in law has been the sitter for a good year and a half but has taken the summer off to have a baby. I guess that's reasonable. Since it is summer break my selection is much greater than during the school year. There are eager teenagers wanting to make a little money to spend and babysitting is an easy gig.

Thankfully, my husband "shows himself friendly" and got to know the music pastor from the "other church." He has a 13 and 16 year old daughter. The 16 year old is a little busy but the 13 year old was very excited to be asked to babysit. This is her first long term job. She took a Red Cross first aid class and came the first day armed with a list a questions. She is thorough! Her mom stopped in to check on her twice to make sure everything was under control. She even calls me "Ma'am". Yikes.

I asked Charlie how the first day went and he says he likes her. He then proceeded to tell me all the really fun things they did that day. And there were alot. So, I'm thrilled we found a keeper.

The only problem is that horrible mom-guilt/babysitter jealousy. If we had a terrible babysitter I would be miserable (and quit my job and eat ramen noodles). But we have an excellent babysitter that my kids look forward to seeing and I'm a little jealous. They watch the sliding door on the porch for her to get here and greet her with much JUMPING!! and YELLING!!! and GUESS WHAT?! And I quietly give them hugs and say to be good and head off to work.

I'm thankful the Lord provided a job that will carry us through Chad's medical bills. I'm thankful he continues to provide people who love my kids to watch them for me. I'm thankful my job is working for my dad so I can leave anytime there is a sniffle or a sneeze at home. Sometimes I just need a good sigh.

Friday, June 15, 2007

My Daredevil

This is the far away picture of Charlie and me on the "Super Duper Looper."

Notice the tiny little boy in the FRONT SEAT of the UPSIDE DOWN rollercoaster. And he went on it THREE times. FEARLESS.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Home, Home, Home

Laundry, laundry, laundry. At least I cleaned before I left!

We had such a great time. Over the weekend we went to a 15 year reunion for Encounter Revival Ministries (we were involved there for 7 years). We caught up with old friends, encouraged each other and ate lots of good food. Throughout the 72 hours we were there I think I slept 11! One night at 2:30 I was still up giggling in a room full of girls when I realized I HAD to get to bed! My husband "outed me" with the blog so now I'm writing with a twinge of embarrassment instead of the freedom of writing for complete strangers. Yikes!

Every time we get together as a group there is a new "fad". Last time, everyone had ipods. This time everyone is on facebook. I assumed those things were for teenagers but after I got the "every one's doing it" speech I decided to succumb to the peer pressure. Oh. my. word. I can't stop with facebook!! I am forever linking to and looking for people. This morning I talked to someone who I haven't talked to in 6 years! I can't stop! I finally ran a virus scan on my computer just to force myself to walk away. It's an addiction.

We are running to the bookstore to pick up some supplies for VBS. Hopefully a trip away from the computer will allow for the lure of facebook to wear off. Good grief.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Oh, Vacation....

We spent the entire day yesterday at HersheyPark. An amusement park that celebrates chocolate. Is there anything better? Charlie is just big enough to ride the roller coasters and he is fearless! The man went on rollercoaster after rollercoaster and giggled harder than I've ever heard him giggle.

I rode on a very scary rollercoaster with Chad. We waited in line for one hour so that I could close my eyes, hold my breath, and fear death more than I've ever feared it my life. I wish I at least would have opened my eyes. Terrifying.

We are spending this week visiting with friends we rarely see and it's wonderful. We had lunch today at the Chocolate Cafe with a great friend, we got coffee at our favorite coffee shop in the entire world, and we stopped at the greatest book warehouse we know. I had 10 books in my hand but cut back to 2. And then I got 4 for the boys. And Charlie got 2 more for himself. We are a house of book lovers! We are staying with our best friends in the whole world with all of our screaming children and their barking dogs and it's still a totally relaxing trip. I love friends like that!

I've taken pictures but I can't find the cord to download them. I've got a great rollercoaster picture- Charlie and me in the front seat of the Super Dooper Looper! I'm blowing it up and framing it!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The show we can't miss

We are back. I've dug myself out from under the all of those "things to do after we've been gone for days and other people stayed at our house." Not to mention Henry's ear infection that won't die, the worst flu ever, and scrambling to get ready for the family vacation that's been on the calendar for months (the surgery was not on the calendar).

While we were in Minnesota we stayed at a Mennonite boarding house recommended to us by other patients. It was peaceful and the people who ran it were kind. We enjoyed it very much and will probably stay there again. There was no TV or wifi, of course, which normally isn't a problem as there are plenty of coffee shops around and things to do besides watch tv. However, my husband's favorite show (the only one he never misses) was having it's season finale and Chad was determined that we would not miss it.

There is a McDonald's out there with TV's in the booth's so at about 10 minutes to 8:00 we trekked down there and ordered or snacks. And realized the tv's only show two channels- the weather channel and the news. So then Chad thought a hotel lobby might work and I would not do it- that's just desperation. We were down to two minutes before the show when I said:

"Even though you aren't checked in yet, aren't you technically a patient for Mayo?"


"So, technically, couldn't we watch tv in one of the lobbies of the hospital?"

We ran into the hospital and went to information and Chad blurted,

"I'm a patient at May0...I'm having surgery tomorrow...we are staying somewhere with no favorite show is having it's season finale in one minute."

The kind, elderly volunteer smiled and pointed at the elevators.

"Family waiting room 7th floor."

Awesome! We were the only ones in there and enjoyed the standard hit tv show cliffhanger. We may have missed the point a little on the peace and tranquility of staying somewhere with so little technology but really, cold turkey? And it was the season finale.....