Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Home, Home, Home

Laundry, laundry, laundry. At least I cleaned before I left!

We had such a great time. Over the weekend we went to a 15 year reunion for Encounter Revival Ministries (we were involved there for 7 years). We caught up with old friends, encouraged each other and ate lots of good food. Throughout the 72 hours we were there I think I slept 11! One night at 2:30 I was still up giggling in a room full of girls when I realized I HAD to get to bed! My husband "outed me" with the blog so now I'm writing with a twinge of embarrassment instead of the freedom of writing for complete strangers. Yikes!

Every time we get together as a group there is a new "fad". Last time, everyone had ipods. This time everyone is on facebook. I assumed those things were for teenagers but after I got the "every one's doing it" speech I decided to succumb to the peer pressure. Oh. my. word. I can't stop with facebook!! I am forever linking to and looking for people. This morning I talked to someone who I haven't talked to in 6 years! I can't stop! I finally ran a virus scan on my computer just to force myself to walk away. It's an addiction.

We are running to the bookstore to pick up some supplies for VBS. Hopefully a trip away from the computer will allow for the lure of facebook to wear off. Good grief.


carrie said...


I smiled when I read this entry. My husband and I just attended a conference of Christian college professionals, and facebook was similarly the "talk of the town". I haven't clicked on it yet, but as you experienced, I'm sure I would find it equally compelling!

CoachJ said...

I love girl spend the night parties. I had the varsity basketball team over last year, and we stayed up 'til 5 am talking over each other. Only about 8 of us stayed the whole night, but hubby says it sounded like 20 of us in there! :)
Advice: start your 100th post NOW! If you list two things about yourself every day, it will be a piece of cake! Sometimes, I've had so much to say, I'll post twice that day. I'm not much for saving it for a later time :) If I don't tell you now, I'll forget and you'll never know!