Friday, June 13, 2008


I find myself at an odd stage in the pregnancy. The baby is due in three weeks and I alternate between wanting the baby to come right now and wanting it to wait until I can finish up one more thing. I try to will the baby here on "convenient" days and will it to cook a little longer on "inconvenient days." My will power isn't all that powerful, I've discovered.

I read the chapter on labor and delivery in "What to Expect When You're Expecting" which should not be allowed. There are things better left forgotten when it comes to labor and delivery. Although, they had tips for the coach my personal favorite being "If she tells you not to touch her, don't be offended, just take a few steps back." Thank you. It's a little hard to speak kindly to people when you can't even remember how to breathe correctly.

Also, something that should not be allowed- watching baby shows on TLC. The one I just saw the other day followed a family home from the hospital and showed how they adjusted during the first 36 hours at home. Don't show people the HARDEST part of having a baby. That first sleepless night, the...*ahem* discomfort after giving birth, not to mention the oh so fun discomfort of the feeding process. And for my male readers I will leave that topic alone.

The weirdest part of all of this is I find myself thinking once the baby comes it will immediately start to grow up. And then not be a baby anymore. Which makes me want another one. Which I realize is INSANE but I'm just telling you my thought process. Chad's take is "Well, if you want 4 you might as well go for five. Or stop at 3." Which I think means he wants to stop at three because 5 makes me hyperventilate a little (a lot).


*carrie* said...


So glad you posted an update! I was actually just thinking of you this morning because I was visiting with a friend who's due on July 4!

I agree about the baby shows--some of it is too much information!

Kristen said...

I have found that I actually get more anxious before the delivery of each baby, rather than less. With the first baby you're naive to what's going to happen...after that, you KNOW what's coming.
You'll do great...and I'm with you on the "no touching" thing. The nurse kept telling Dave to softly tickle my arms to help relax me. When she left the room I kindly (or not so kindly) asked him to "STOP touching me."

debra said...

Congratulations!! My daughter is 6 and I have finally stopped yearning for another baby (well, not nearly as much anyway!) Babies are so sweet. Best wishes to you and your family.