Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Eyes

So, my little "eye" problem? Saturday morning was no better so I went to the walk-in clinic. They fixed me up, gave me a prescription and said...

"Throw away your make-up."

Ugh. I don't have a lot of makeup. One eyeshadow, one blush, one powder, one mascara...and truthfully, they should have been thrown out an embarrassingly long time ago. But now I have to start all over again. I'm clueless about colors and application and all that stuff.

A good friend from college called me last night and we were talking about how we forget we aren't in college anymore (and haven't been for years!!!). We mocked each other and how uncool we are now.

She said: I watch "10 years younger" on TV and think those people are so 80's. We're probably so 90's and have no idea.

Me: I'm so ordinary.

She said (laughing): At least you don't still wear clogs!

Me: What??? I have three pairs!!!!

See? I'm so uncool. So I've decided to go to a fancy make-up counter at the mall and have them fix me up nice. I probably shouldn't be wearing the same colors on my face that I wore in high school. In my case I should look "10 years OLDER." If you're lucky I'll post before and after pictures. Maybe.


Leah in Iowa said...

I *love* before and after photos! I really REALLY hope you post them! I'm also glad that your eyes are doing better, and that you get to treat yourself with fun new makeup. Have a great day! =)

RealEstateGirl said...

okay, you HAVE to post before and after can't leave us hangin' like that!

Isn't it always fun to get new make-up?! I LOVE buying new make-up and skin care products. It's nice to pamper yourself every once in a while!!!