Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Picky Eater?

Charlie goes through phases with cereal. He'll eat one kind for weeks until he wakes up and decides it's no longer his favorite and he now has a new favorite. This week it's generic rice chex which is fine by me because he likes them plain so we aren't starting the day on a sugar kick.

Henry likes a little variety and while he'll eat the cereal of the week he also likes a piece of fruit. Preferably a banana.

While I sliced his banana I asked Charlie if he wanted some, too.

"No, Mom. Those are disgusting."

After breakfast we went outside, the boys on the swingset, me in the chair reading a book.

"Mom? What kind of grass is this? Blue?"

I looked at it and it was blue. So I responded, "I don't grass, I guess. Why do you want to know?"

He shrugged. "Cuz it's good."

And he ATE it.


carrie said...

Funny--you just never know! Even our 7 month-old surprises us!

The photo was taken in downtown GR, though we had dinner in another part of town. Do you live in the western part of the state?

Leah in Iowa said...

Oh, my ~ too funny! I'm glad you recorded the event for posterity. Might come in handy at his high school graduation, or his wedding rehearsal dinner!? =)

Coach J said...

Now you can rest knowing he's eating his green/blue, leafy veggies!! :) Ha,ha!! That's just too funny!