Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Trip

We are at Mayo Clinic again which, really, has become the story of our life. Chad was in the hospital over the weekend and we flew out here yesterday. In the first 4-5 hours we were here he was seen by 3 doctors and a team of surgeons. It's refreshing to know he's being checked out so extensively.

I thought I'd take pictures of the flight over here. We are thankful to be flying with Wings of Mercy because driving for 10 hours was completely out of the question.
1. My dad and the boys seeing us off. The little brown house is the airport!
2. My view from the back of the plane- it's little!

3. This is why I get a little nervous flying over Lake Michigan- the sky and the water look exactly the same.
4. I'm pretty much sitting on the wing.
5. The Mississippi River.

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carrie said...


Waving to you from just a few hours away. If you're going to be in Rochester on Sunday morning, there's a really great Presbyterian church (PCA) there named Trinity.

Hope things go well!