Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fair Time

In other's fair week back home and I was able to take the boys to the parade and to visit the fair.

There is so much to do at the fair- rides, games, booths, barns, tractors.... and I really thought the boys would love walking through the cow and horse barns. Wrong. Henry thought it was pretty cool and made animal noises at the different animals. Charlie said, "Mom this is disgusting. There is horse stinky everywhere," and he proceeded to tiptoe through the manure.

We quickly got out of the barns so Charlie would quit grumbling about it and went and got some donuts and cider. While we were sitting there Charlie accidentally banged his leg against the stroller tire- which had manure on it.
He was NOT PLEASED. Can you tell?


Coach J said...

that is the CUTEST picture! :)

Leah in Iowa said...

Haven't heard from you in awhile, Tracy. Sure hope everything alright where you are! =)