Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Confession: I hate my IPOD

We've had our IPOD for a year and a half and it has 7 songs it. I love the songs we picked but really 7 isn't very many- go ahead and hit "shuffle" and you still hear the same songs over and over. I'm pretty sure I put those on in one day and have never put any other songs on it. Because I hate it.

It's not the IPOD itself that I hate. It's one of the tiny shuffle ones and it's pretty handy with it's little clip that I can stick on my clothes. Actually getting those songs onto the IPOD gives me a headache. People are always raving about how easy and user friendly apple products are. I'm beginning to think they say that just to make people like me feel stupid.

The other night I decided I would download some podcasts. There are some radio shows that come on while I'm at work and I'd love to listen to them whenever I feel like it. I went to itunes and picked out my podcasts. They downloaded into my library and I thought "Hey, this is really easy." Then I tried to get them from my library onto the actual IPOD. I didn't just try, I read the directions, I googled more directions, and TWO HOURS later I still don't have the podcasts.

Here's my idea...there should be a button that says "Load" or something simple like that. Push the button and there you go. IS there a button like that? Am I missing something? I really, really, really want to put some stuff on there. Can anyone help me?


loavesandfishes said...

I love my iPod. We have 5?? I'm not sure.

So, I pulled out my iPod and am syncing it so I can tell you what I'm a doing. Hope this helps!!

iTunes should notice your iPod and automatically know what needs updating.

On the left sidebar you should see that your iPod is noticed....just above your playlists.

On the top of iTunes is many tabs. Summary. Music. Movies. TVShows. Podcasts. Photos. Contacts. Games.

Click on the podcasts tab to see the list of podcasts that you subscribed to and check the ones you want on your iPod.

In the bottom right hand corner is a button that says "Apply". Click it.

Now it should say at the top of iTUnes "Syncing iPod. Do not disconnect." and this alternates with showing you which files are being uploaded to your iPod.

I should mention a couple of options under the Summary tab...I have checked "Open iTunes when this iPod is connected" and "Sync only checked songs and videos" You do not want to check "manually manage mucic and videos" and you do not want to check "enable disk use". Yoiu do not need these features...for how you are using your iPod.

Ok, back to the syncing....
Mine now says iPod sync is complete.

I can unplug my iPod from computer....or you may want to click the little tiny "eject" symbol that is on the left sidebar by the name of your iPod.

email me directly if you would like. :)

Gosh, I hope this helps a little. They really are fun toys.

Tracy said...

First of all, you are AWESOME for listing these instructions! Second, I'm stuck and can't find your direct email! Could you email me, please? I'm much closer than I was before!

Thank you!!