Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Charlie and Jesus

I think I know where false religions come from. Charlie has made up some pretty good ones. Don't get me wrong. He knows his stuff when it comes to the basics of our faith. He loves the local CEF director in town and when she gave him a copy of his own wordless book he was thrilled. He carries it in his pocket and is determined that his younger cousin Jacob learn that his heart can be "white as snow".

Back to the false religions- we've been talking about Easter lately and trying to associate Jesus with the holiday. Charlie almost has it figured out. "So, mom, the bad guys were there, and Jesus died on the cross, and GUESS WHAT, he didn't stay dead! And I'm so happy because now Jesus can look for easter eggs, too!"

Then last night it was warm enough to go for a walk. There is a beautiful cemetary on our road that is good for walking. I know that sounds creepy but it isn't- it's actually very nice! Charlie wanted to know about all the tombstones so we tried to explain that when people die this is where their bodies go (okay, now that I'm typing that it does sound a little creepy). "Great! Hey Dad? Which one is Jesus?" He decided to call Nana when we got back from our walk and tell her about how we couldn't find Jesus because the bad guys wouldn't let us which at that point I think he was very involved with an imaginary tale involving pirates and buried treasure.

As funny as his comments are it's been exciting to see him work out this stuff himself. Sometimes we correct him (like last night we explained Jesus isn't there because he isn't dead) but most of the time we let him mull over it himself. He has his pastor's kid moments- mostly on Sunday evenings when he has to sit with me in big church. Chad says pastor's kids are a reminder from God to be humble! I'm amazed by the things he knows in his heart- things I haven't even explained to him yet. Last night we were talking before his prayers and he said "Mom, when God sees my heart it's not black with sin, right? He sees Jesus." I want to cry every time something like that comes out of his mouth. Now if I can just convince him there are no pirates in the Easter story...

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