Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's in the budget

I am a serious number cruncher. I love stretching our dollars and reworking our budget. I'm very serious about it and if something is not in the budget we don't do it. Lately Chad and I have been taking a Dave Ramsey class mostly to get on the same page. We are opposites when it comes to money- I'm the big saver and he is the big giver. That's right- he doesn't so much spend our money as give it away. The class has been nice as it makes us communicate a lot more. I write the budget with room for his giving- there is really a line in the budget called "extra giving" for when his bleeding heart comes home and he just has to help someone. It's an awesome quality in him that I definately don't want to squelch - I am just not wired that way!

There is however a very important line in our budget that is not up for discussion. Ever. It's labeled "Coffee." See, every budget allows for a little extra pocket money and it seems that all our pocket money was going to coffee. Every now and then one of us will offer up the suggestion of "maybe we should cut back this one" and the other will most definately say no. We have it set up that way...we've promised each other that if one of us has a moment of weakness the other will stand up and be strong. The thing is, we've tried cheaper brands, different companies, less coffee in general- to no avail. We are happier this way as are the people around us when we are drinking the coffee we so desperately need. In our defense we do make most of our coffee at home and take it in a thermos if we are going somewhere (and I know I said thermos and not travel mug). And really, my husband is a pastor here in our small town and his coffee shop visits are a ministry. He has built some great relationships there. I frequent a different shop and I love that Bridget knows what I want before I tell her. Plus, my father in law frequents my shop as well so she gives my "frequent coffee drinker" card extra punches towards my free cup.

So, even though it sounds like I'm rationalizing or maybe defending our addiction I'm not. It's in the budget.

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