Friday, March 23, 2007

The New Pet

We've inherited a cat. Not a kitten, either. A big, fluffy, black and white cat. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. I've never had a cat before so I'm not used to her behaviors quite yet. For example, we live in a small house and already I can't find her. Last night she was hiding behind the computer desk in all the wires which I'm sure can't be good. This morning I've looked pretty much everywhere and so far no luck. Although maybe she's following me around the house...they are kind of sneaky and quiet like that.

We don't have the best track record with hand me down pets. Neither of us had a pet growing up so we don't have that natural pet-loving gene. My husband has a hard time with dogs because they are as big as children but don't neccessarily listen as well. We've had two dogs, a beagle that had to be put down and a yellow lab that went to live on a farm. And unlike what my brother thinks the lab really is on a farm- we aren't just saying that because it's easier than saying he was put down, too. And he's very happy on that farm, thank you.

We are kind of excited about the cat. Cats mind there own business for the most part (hence the reason I still can't find her this morning). And are a little easier to get along with. Hopefully this goes well. Charlie is up now and very concerned that the cat wasn't waiting for him to get up and play. I guess I'll join the cat hunt now, too. I really hope this works out!


Anonymous said...

We adopted a kitten just after Thanksgiving last year. We weren't quite sure about it either at first, but now she's part of the fam. AND she's going to be adding to our family in the next week or so. We should have taken care of that as soon as she took up residence...

Tracy said...

I love kittens! Although I'm kind of glad there isn't any training involved with this cat. Unless you count trying to get it to sleep through the night (do cats do that?)