Monday, March 26, 2007


I'm blogging at work which is very bad. Thankfully, I work for my dad and he won't fire me (and we can discuss the ethics of that statement in a much later post).

The receptionist has brought in the best...snack...ever. I don't normally like snacks all that much and I rarely eat chips for that matter. But the inventor of this snack is genius. It's doritos, cheetos, pretzels, and sunchips all in the same bag. Yum. There is a rather large bag in the back and I may have just eaten more than my fair share. You would think I was expecting again the way I love these chips (I'm not).

They're called "cheese fix". How appropriate is that?


RealEstateGirl said...

My hubby and I LOVE this snack, but neither one of us like to get the pretzels. I mean, they're okay, but with all that other yummy stuff, we pick around the pretzels!

Now we've made a rule that you just have to grab out of the bag without even looking cause it's not fair to pick around the pretzels!!!

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Oh my gosh, that is out of control! I can't wait to get a bag!