Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Dyson??

Considering my profile at the top left of the main page of my blog says "I don't love vacuuming..." you are probably wondering why I would enter this contest at Five Minutes for Mom. Maybe if I had a Dyson I wouldn't hate vacuuming so much? I'm willing to try anything to become a better vacuumer. I read about the contest when it was first posted and there were only 6 people listed. But now....I think I'm 562. Hmmmm. Still, the chances are better than a contest at the grocery store! Stop by and enter!


thehomespunheart said...

We acquired a Dyson through an open-box-sale with extra discount and some gift money - and I said to David, "Vacuuming is fun again!" I hope you win! :)

Jammy said...

You are right! Obtaining a good vaccum can really make a difference. When you KNOW what that machine is doing, especially when it is capable of some great work, it helps a lot.

I have a Kirby and the demo is awesome. It proved it's worth before it left the salesman. haha
I will never let anyone in my home again, these sales guys are TOO good at what they do. But I do have the Kirby, and I do love it. ;-) They do have great payment plans available, too.


Tracy said...

We had a kirby salesman come by and I was drooling over that vacuum! My husband and I decided it's the sports car of vacuums and we are in the mini van stage of life. : )