Sunday, April 1, 2007

I give up

I wanted to brag on my kids today and post some cute pictures. Charlie was laying (lying?) in the yard flat on his back with his frog umbrella over top of him. I asked him what he was doing and he replied:

"Waiting for the rain."

It was too cute so I ran inside to find my camera. It took 10 minutes to find it, 2 minutes to realize the batteries were dead, 2 minutes to find batteries (the last ones!) and of course by that time the cute moment had passed. He wouldn't hold his umbrella, wouldn't smile, etc. So then I decided Henry deserved a picture on the blog. My digital camera is fairly new and I haven't mastered the delay from when I say cheese to when the actual picture takes. So his eyes are closed in 10 pictures in a row. And now he's crying. So for your blog reading pleasure I'm posting the only picture my now finicky computer would let me post without a major issue.

This is the picture we mailed out for Christmas. Yes, I combed Henry's hair, and no, I didn't intentionally give him a mohawk (but I secretely think his mohawk is awesome). He's got an awful cowlick and I won't shave his head. He's too pretty! The deer in headlights look is the one he likes to give when it's time to get his picture taken. Once I figure out this whole posting thing I'll try to catch the boys being cute. TRY being the most important word in that sentence.


Anonymous said...

Hey--it's cool to know what you look like!

My son Benjamin has hair like that. We've learned that for it to lay down at all it needs to be kind of long. If his hair gets cut too short, the place on his crown sticks straight up! So cute when they're little.

RealEstateGirl said...

I agree with's always great to put a "face" with the name! Precious kiddos!

thehomespunheart said...

What a sweet, sweet picture of your family! I know the feeling on trying to catch those moments! :) Have a great day!