Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Now that it's actually Tuesday I feel like I can better explain the crazy thoughts that go through my head on a normal Monday. My husband likes to refere to it as my "Monday freak-out". Yesterday was a pretty good example.

I overslept which is never a good start to anything. The kids on the other hand got up earlier than usual. With three of us scrambling around trying to get out the door in time it gets a little chaotic. We get dressed by throwing clothes everywhere. We eat breakfast and dirty a lot more dishes than is really neccessary. The bathroom counters, once empty and sparkling, are now covered with every hair product imaginable. Freak out #1- I'm such a horrible planner for not laying out all our clothes, lunches, and bags the night before. Freak out #2- I'm a terrible housekeeper.

It takes 30 minutes to get the kids to my sister in law's house and then get to work. Freak out #3- I take my kids to the babysitter. They will be scarred for life and feel like I don't love them.

Monday's at work are extremely busy with actual customers and I don't get a lick of paperwork done. I feel like I'm on the phone or meeting with people all day. Freak out #4- My dad is going to be so disappointed that my desk is messy and I didn't get anything done.

Don't get me started on dinner. Monday's are now spaghetti night because that takes all of 15 minutes to make. Freak out #5- I can't even cook a decent meal.

Again, since today is actually Tuesday I can see Monday a little more clearly. On Tuesdays I'm not nearly as insecure as I am on Mondays. I can logically talk myself out of my freak outs:

#1 I didn't lay out anything the night before because we can't make up our minds about clothes, food, and backpacks. I'd have to repack and redress everyone anyway.
#2 I'm not a terrible housekeeper. The house was clean before I ran top speed through the morning routine.
#3 I only work 3 days a week (at Grandpa's so they can stop by anytime and Grandpa loves it). Two of those days are spent with cousins who are the exact same age as Charlie and Henry. They call Monday and Wednesday "Aunt Candi Days" because they love being with her so much. Friday's are "Daddy Day"...they are pushing me out the door on Friday's.
#4 My dad isn't disappointed. His desk is just as bad. Plus, he got to go for morning coffee with the town locals while I stayed in the office to answer phones. So, technically I worked an extra half hour.
#5 I can cook. And spaghetti night is a step in the right direction for being better organized.

See, it's not really that bad. Thank goodness today is Tuesday.


Chad said...

Just in case you wonder. Tracy is not kidding about "freak out Monday". After we get the boys to bed and Tracy takes a hot bath I spend the rest of the evening consoling her with the idea that she is a wonderful wife and mother. All the time knowing that everything will be fine tommorrow.

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

I COMPLETELY relate to this. When I worked in an office I always had a Monday morning freakout. And I only had to get myself ready. On top of that there was the realization that, Oh yeah, this is the day we fast at work! I'll be honest, I did not always look forward to that. Now I tend to have my freakout on Wednesdays. Call me a Wednesday wacko. At least our hubbies know it's coming.