Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Too much show and tell

At preschool there is a "letter of the week" and this week is the letter "U". Today was "U" day so for show and tell the students need to bring something that starts with "U". That's a tough one so we were brainstorming this morning about what Charlie could bring.

"Is there an animal that starts with U?"
"I can't think of one."
"How about something from your toybox?"

And the answer that makes him the classic pastor's kid:

"Nevermind. I'll just show them my Underwear."

For the record...he took an umbrella.


Coach J said...

Yes, he TOOK the umbrella, but did he show them his underwear?

RealEstateGirl said...

OH! MY! WORD!!! I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at this post and had to read it to my husband and he was cracking up!!!

Too funny! Smart kid!

Pam said...

I loved this! Kids are great!And especially thos PK (Pastor's Kids). I ARE one! LOL

Mindy said...

I think this so funny!
We had the same preschool kind of thing last year -
I found you through my friend Tracey at Show-Me-State of Mind....
I am seeing here that you MUST be a "preacher's wife " too.....Can I share what my oldest daughter did a few weeks ago that makes her the classic pastor's kid also ----at choir practice a few weeks ago, Hubby brought our girls in because he needed to get something. SO, the two youngest were waving and smiling at me -- my oldest (age 5 - old enough to know better), turned around and SHOOK her behind at me!!!!!
I was MORTIFIED!!! =)
Ah - the life of the preacher's wife! =)
In HIM -

Tracy said...

Coach J- No, he decided "underwear is not for showing."!

My husband says the Lord makes pk's to keep the pastor humble!