Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Preschool Wisdom

I tend to overthink things. I haven't blogged in a few days even though my head is full of good blogging ideas. If I can't wrap up the post in my head I don't blog about it. So here is one I've been trying to post for a couple of days:

The parents have to sign up to help one day a month at Charlie's preschool. I love helping at the preschool- my absolute favorite thing to do is get the kids to talk to me. Four year olds say the funniest things! There happened to be a number of kids home sick from school that day so we were talking about how we don't like to miss school.

David piped up and said, "I have to miss school tomorrow. We are going with my church to 'Acquire the Fire.'" He went on about it for a minute or two and explained his pastor and his youth group were going to Detroit and it's a big deal.

Little Tanner was sitting next to him with a big scowl on his face so I asked what he was thinking about.

"Well," he said. "I won't be in school either. My dad is a fireman and he doesn't like fires so we are going where David is to put that fire out."

Aren't kids great?

We had another big adventure on Monday. It was kindergarten round up! Charlie ran full speed the whole way there (the elementary school is in sight of our house). When we got to the main doors he saw one of the kids from preschool so they walked in together. At the doors of the library where round up was he froze. He would not budge, blink, or breathe I think! He looked at me and said, "I'm not going in there." I talked softly and tried to encourage him to go in. I succumbed to the pressure and after ten minutes I bribed him with a frosty from Wendy's and that did the trick. Once we got in there he saw one of his good friends (who invited him over to play that afternoon) so all was well.

When it was time for the principal to talk to the parents the kindergarten teacher took the kids on a tour of the school. A friend of mine from church growing up was in the round up with me. Her daughter is the same age as Charlie and she is darling. The significant thing about her is this- she was born without legs and one of her hands is missing some fingers. I always forget because her little four year old personality overpowers her disability. After round up was over I asked Charlie if he made any new friends. He shrugged. I asked if he talked to Ella.

"Who's that?" he said.

"Well, she had painted flowers on her legs." Her legs are metal rods but her joints are a material that her parents decorated with pretty flowers.

"Huh? I didn't see anyone with painted legs?" he said. He looked at me like I was crazy.

"She had Dora shoes." I pointed out.

"Oh yeah! I talked to the girl with Dora shoes. She's nice."

He didn't even notice her prosthetic legs. I'm going to shut up now and stop pointing out other people's differences. Clearly in kindergarten things like that just aren't important. Niceness and being a Dora fan are way may important.

Kids are so great.


Anonymous said...

How sweet!!!

RealEstateGirl said...


That is precious! I love the fireman story---that is too cute!

I wish we all looked through the eyes of children. I know that I was in the 5th grade before I knew what someone meant by "black" person. We grew up in Brazil and we just didn't know any different.

The lessons we could learn from children!

Love the post!

thehomespunheart said...

Very sweet! I agree with Tracey's comment above - oh, that we would see with the eyes of a child!

Coach J said...

Me, too. I want the eyes and heart of a four-year-old.
Thanks for stopping by earlier. I love coffee more than I should too, and I think it's catching up with me. And I've given my vacuum the year off. :)
I'll come back. Enjoy preschool and kindergarten. It goes so fast! 'Course you're finding that out, now, aren't you?!